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Candle Holders Are Also Very Convenient To Use
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Candlestick is the most common object in our daily life, but when we enjoy the charming fire at the same time, we may know little about the relevant knowledge of the candlestick:

A candle holder, including a windshield cover, a positioning sleeve, a regulating sleeve, a protective cover wrapped around a windshield cover, and a candlestick body consisting of a pillar and a base, surrounded by a plurality of curved plates, Up and down sliding connection, Candle Holders the pillar along its own axis has a longitudinal long hole, longitudinal long hole with positioning screws, positioning screw at one end of the bushing, the outer diameter of the sleeve and the positioning screw round head diameter equal to the positioning screw circle Shaped head and bushing are top in the bottom of the positioning sleeve, Candle Holders the positioning screw is connected with a positioning nut, the bottom of the multi-piece curved plate is hinged with the upper part of the positioning sleeve, the adjustment sleeve is located under the multi-plate curved plate and the upper and lower Slide the connection, adjust the bottom of the slip sleeve has a concave spherical, adjust the slip sleeve is connected with a locking screw. The present invention does not require the use of a bubble film and a plastic bag to wrap the windshield and the candle, that is, Candle Holders it is possible to avoid the fragmentation of the windshield and the wiping of the wax on the clothes while ensuring the ease of carrying and use.

Today, the candlestick is not only used to place candles, more to decorate the home, contrast the role of the atmosphere, especially when used in conjunction with the candle, its unique shape and candles issued by the soft candle echoes do not have some mood The Conventional candlesticks are usually composed of candlestick bodies and windshield covers mounted on the top of the candlestick. The top of the candlestick has a groove for placing candles. Although this candlestick has been widely used, The use of the candlestick to add fun to people who will be very inconvenient to carry, for the following reasons: 1, the windshield for the thin glass products, Candle Holders the bag in the travel bag after the fragmentation; 2, candlestick body placed at the top of the candle Will be in direct contact with the clothing within the bag, causing the wax on the wax wiping clothes. Although the above two problems can be used through the use of bubble film and plastic bags on the windshield and candle to wrap the way to be resolved, but before and after the use of the disassembly will be very troublesome.

In addition to the candlestick body and the windshield cover, the candlestick includes a positioning sleeve, a adjustment sleeve, and a protective cover for wrapping outside the windshield cover, and the protective cover is surrounded by a plurality of curved plates. The candle holder of the invention does not need to use the bubble film and the plastic bag to enclose the windproof hood and the candle respectively, just push the positioning sleeve upwards along the pillar, and then adjust the sliding sleeve along the positioning sleeve, The top of the sleeve, Candle Holders the multi-piece curved plate will gradually gather, and eventually wrapped in the outside of the windshield cover, tighten the locking screw and positioning nut, then, the windshield and candle will be completely wrapped in a multi- Shaped panels surrounded by the protective cover, and thus the structure, the windshield in the travel will not be broken, Candle Holders the candle on the wax will not wipe the clothes, carrying very convenient. When the candle stand of the present invention is used again, simply release the locking screw and the locating nut, and then slide down the positioning sleeve to adjust the height of the multi-plate curved plate relative to the base, tighten the positioning after reaching the desired height Nut, followed by sliding adjustment slip sleeve to adjust the opening angle of the multi-plate curved plate, the same token, until it reaches the required opening angle after the tightening the locking screw, Candle Holders is also very convenient to use, where the multi-piece arc Shaped plate open and Shoulong class to be a flower, open after the bloom in the flowers, Shoulong is like a budding buds. From the above we can see that the candlestick of the invention in addition to carrying and use are very convenient, but also played a decorative and contrast the role of the atmosphere.