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Candle Stand Is Strong
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Candle table as a new ornament, but also by a lot of petty bourgeoisie like. Candle table prices are cheaper, the Internet can also see a lot of cheap candle table, a variety of shapes, and there are a variety of sizes. Candle Holders Now the decorative candle table is greater than its practicality, you can put the candle as a romantic atmosphere of embellishment, together and love at home to eat a candlelight dinner, but also very, very emotional things.

Candle table price:

Candle table prices are cheaper, the general online to see the candle table prices are 10 yuan -100 yuan range, such decorations work in general, the decorative effect is better, mainly resin or iron products. Some of the candle table of plastic products will be more beautiful, Candle Holders it does not look very cold, but the price is almost the same. Candle table prices are relatively cheap, if you want to be better, there are some online, this kind of candle table price within a thousand dollars.

Candle table size:

Candle table size relative to the traditional size is between 15cm-30cm, placed on top of the table. Too high candle table will affect the aesthetic level, but also on the dining side of the interference caused by the line of sight, will bring a lot of inconvenience. There are also some household incense burner sizes that are typically between 6 and 9 inches, and this type of candlestick is used at a height of about 3 inches, Candle Holders mainly for candle stand sizes for the Buddha. Home placed candle table and the surrounding things to coordinate with each other, so that it will not look ugly.

Candle Taiwan Taiwan to buy furnishings

Candles are often used in conjunction with candles to play the role of decoration, in addition to the current candle table in addition to the service for the candle, the more can also be a separate part of the furnishings. Therefore, when choosing a candle stand to be just right, the room is not too much. Candle Holders Exquisite candle stand can add the taste of home life, spend a small amount of money, buy a variety of styles of new candle table decorated room, the use of its wonderful shape and candlelight beauty and aroma, often more prominent house owners taste, Candle Holders or display In the Bogut shelf, a good collection, the same is the happy life of the elegant embellishment.

Candle table type:

1. This group of creative candle holders is characterized by the use of a dry tree shape to do decoration, ornamental is still relatively strong. The above wax tray design is relatively small, Candle Holders can be placed alone, you can also plug the candle as a utility device. Very creative group of iron candle table, the integration of the designer's mind in the inside.

2. Simple and generous, practical, modern full, simple and concise lines. This is the best description of them. With a simple design highlights the characteristics of the candlestick, Candle Holders but also highlights the creative elements. Black main colors, is a wild style, you can put any place in the home.

3. Iron works, the people take the burden of the action made into a candle table, made with a few lines of wire bending, highlighting this feature, the base is designed a circle, so that the candle table more secure point. Put the place where the candle can be taken down, Candle Holders the above also made a few crystal decoration, especially nice.

4. Wooden candle table, with carving and mosaic way to do some candle table above the decoration, giving a better beauty. Wooden texture is well kept down, the middle of the candlestick is painted black, so there is a protection.

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