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Cone Candles Are Very Common Items In Life
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Cone candles are the most commonly used lighting tools in the absence of invention lights, and now tapered candles have become less common.

We are now using the most common tapered candles is the main raw material is paraffin wax, also known as mineral wax, paraffin is a by-product of refining oil, the specific how to refinery is not to say, paraffin according to the processing of different precision can be divided into full refined paraffin , Semi-refined paraffin and crude paraffin, and so on. The use of paraffin is very wide, in addition to conical candles, LED Taper Candles can also be used for matches, canvas, crayons, wax paper, waterproof seal, lubrication, plant food protection and cosmetics and so on.

Cone candles are the main raw materials in addition to paraffin wax, there are other palm wax, beeswax, polyethylene wax / ethylene oxide wax, and bean wax (soy wax) and so on. Thanks to the rapid development of modern chemical industry, conical candles, especially paraffin-based stencils, LED Taper Candles are extremely cheap and popular. Due to the convenience of modern tapered candles, the production is simple and the same as the popular handmade soaps.

In the night of Halloween, with a conical candle as a lighting tool, crystal hanging chandelier to do decoration, the mind is not immediately emerge scenes quiet and hidden mystery scene This is the theme of the wedding want to contrast the effect.

Cone candle raw materials, a yellow wax, white wax and so on. Yellow wax is beeswax, white wax is the parasite secretion of wax. The use of white wax is generally considered from the Tang Dynasty, LED Taper Candles it was also research began in the Han Wei, the above mentioned "Han Tomb even yellow wax cake found" for the evidence, so the use of beeswax earlier than the white wax.

Cone candles are very common items in life, but in the relatively abundant power supply today, the use of tapered candles has become very little, most of them are used as festive decorations. But in fact the conical candle in addition to these usefulness in the daily life of many special purposes can be used. The following look at the use of conical candles: conical candle in the wonderful use of life bar.

The use of conical candles: tapered candles in the magical life

1. Fluorescent lights sometimes make buzzing, making people uncomfortable. Can cut off the power, the fluorescent lamp cover open, in the ballast side of the pry open a small seam, LED Taper Candles the molten wax into the ballast in the silicon steel gap, so that the fluorescent light will not be hum The.

2. The bottom of the iron is not clean, sometimes designated hanging, dirty clothes. Take a piece of old cloth fold, between the two layers of cloth sprinkle some conical candle powder, the hot iron on the two layers of cloth back and forth rubbing, and then immediately in a clean cloth back and forth a few times, so you can put the iron The bottom is wiped clean.

3. After washing clothes, often find the clothes on the zipper pull fixed. As long as the laundry before the wax in the zipper, wash the zipper will not be stuck.

4. Drawer push and pull is not flexible, in its both sides and edges coated with a layer of paraffin or conical candle, pull up and flexible.

5. Smokers in the room many people, often confused smoke filled, it is choking nose. LED Taper Candles A tapered candle can be placed in the room to keep it at a distance from the ground to reduce smoke.

6. Some books can not read a few days on the roll angle. Can be found in a cone of candle melting, and then dipped in the corner of the new book wax, the book will not roll the angle.

7. furniture sliding door tight or serious wear and tear, in the sliding door of the sliding door, drop some wax, or cut some wax into the door, sliding doors can slide freely.

8. TV antenna and feeder joints often subject to wind and sun, it is easy to rust, can be heated and melted tapered candle drops in the joints, and then the tape will be wrapped around the joints, to prevent it in a long time to be Rust.

9. Some of the washing machine with metal materials, the edge of the cylinder and the control panel combination between a narrow and deep gap between the laundry easy to water corrosion parts. LED Taper Candles As long as the heating of molten paraffin liquid evenly into the gap, after cooling a little dressing, you can prevent splashing into the water.

10. The ice tray in the refrigerator is sometimes caught by the ice in the freezer. Can be painted in the bottom of the ice tray and surrounded by wax, LED Taper Candles ice plate will not be stuck.

11. Candle for fresh vegetables. Make a small wooden frame with vegetables placed in a large bowl filled with water, place the vegetables in a good place, ignite the conical candles on the wooden frame, and then buckle a small bowl. In this way, the general vegetables at room temperature 16 ~ 18 ℃ can keep fresh for 1 week.

12. In the cut white orchid branches cut, with roasted to dry, LED Taper Candles and then coated with paraffin oil. In this way, the preservation of fresh cut flowers is much longer than the preservation of vases in the water.

13. When the bottle is covered with a hood, it is possible to apply a layer of conical candle oil at the crevice of the cap so that the cap can be sealed.

14. The mixture of gasoline and paraffin can be rusted. The paraffin wax into a fine, packed in the bottle (about half a bottle), into the gasoline to the full bottle, LED Taper Candles the bottle on the warm place, paraffin melting, the paraffin gasoline mixture on the rusty parts of iron, 1 day and night After wiping with a rough cloth or paper, the rust will be removed.