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Market Demand For Heating Moving Special Lighting LED Technology?
- Mar 13, 2017 -

At present, even though the market still continued demand for LED lighting heat, but many major lighting project orders have been creeping signs of delayed. Market competition took the huge industry competitive, more a sentiment common in some areas, such as homes, roads, construction, products such as light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and so on-can soup are remote, in that case, some manufacturers started trying to opened in the special lighting applications.

For example the end of 2012 as the European ban on incandescent bulbs imported, making some areas began to emerge in Europe LED bulb light demand. However, while the LED lighting market size, but the competition is fierce, especially LED street lights with LED bulbs price competition has left many manufacturers cannot make a profit.

LEDinside therefore finds that in 2013, the vendors in addition to a wide range of solutions to provide cost-effective lighting products, and began to search for other lighting related products, such as turn lighting industrial lighting, plants, frozen special applications such as lighting.