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The Candle Stand Is Loved By People
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Candle table Decorative effect is very good, generous shape and full of European style, can be used to support the suspension of various sizes of round candles, squares, profiled, etc. to elegant embellishment, often can highlight the master's taste, Noble does not show publicity, add an elegant atmosphere.

The candle-stand, the whole goblet-like, the upper end of the supporting foot is connected with the candle holder body, and the lower end of the supporting foot is connected with the center of the base, Candle Holders and the side of the candle-holder body is provided with a plurality of circular light holes, and a prism body is arranged in the light transmission hole. The candle is lighted and placed in a candle local body, and the light from the candle is transmitted through the hole, as the prism body is set in the light, the rays of the candle are divergent under the prism body, Candle Holders the light is very diffuse, the angle of light changes under the prism body, and from the outside, each prism body looks like a separate light source, Light three-dimensional is very strong, the whole candle stand crystal clear translucent, very beautiful, decorative effect is very good, this kind of candle table is usually used for banquet tables, or candlelight dinner table and some bar use, by people's favorite.

As a whole, the prism body is rounded, and its two sides are multiple pyramid surfaces, and the prism body is provided with a connecting hole, Candle Holders and the connecting hole on the prism body is arranged with a connecting line connected with the light transmission hole. The circular prism body is matched with a circular light hole, through the connection line connected to the transparent hole, the prism of the two sides are multiple pyramid, candle light through the prism body is the refraction of more than two pyramid, Candle Holders light angle to each direction scattering, three-dimensional very strong, decorative effect is good. As an optimum, the candle-bed body, the supporting foot and the base are made of metal, and the ends of the supporting feet are welded to the candle stand and base respectively. Candle stand, support feet and base are made of metal and welded together, the overall strength is large, Candle Holders not easily overturned, long service life. As an optimum, the inner bottom center of the candle-bed body is fixed with a sharp thorn. The lower end of the candle is fixed on the sharp thorn, and the candle is fixed more stably, not easy to turn over. Therefore, the utility model has the advantages of three-dimensional light and good decorative effect.